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What is - spotsize®

spotsize® is a size recommendation service which connects the consumer with the value chain of a fashion brand‘s or a retailer‘s online offering. spotsize® finds the right size by utilizing AI, 3D-sensors and AR and enriches the customer experience by bridge the online and offline world of brands.


How it works

The user scans his/her foot with a mobile phone. This is technically performed with the help of a the Depth-, ToF- or Lidar sensor built in smartphones as well as some fancy AI to detect the foot in 3D in space. This makes spotsize‘s uniqueness with the biometric 3D-Scan – a Digitial Twin of a human foot just with a mobile phone. As no other vendor spotsize® allows consumers to playfully obtain a scan of his/her foot with AR features. The 3D- Digital Twin is the exact representation of the foot scanned . With the Digital Twin now the system can measure exactly the feet and compare with all available shoe data. The algorithm calculates the best fit by matching the dimensions of the real foot with the thousands of real product data (from the shop). To find the right size the Digital Twin is matched in real time. In just a few seconds with no need to enter any data and wait for any further instructions or email notifications the user gets his/her size recommendation. All seamlessly integrated in one place – the online shop.

Seamlessly integrated into your customer journey

The spotsize® service integrates effortless into your existing customer journey, any mobile shop or social commerce flow protecting investments made in e-Commerce infrastructure and mobile App development.

spotsize® - see how it works


spotsize® - see how it works


spotsize® - see how it works


spotsize® - see how it works


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